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2 bug which manifested when you put in the < h: commandLink> a < f: param> whose value attribute was null or totally omitted. < h: commandLink> < f: param name= " foo" / > < / h: commandLink>. or < h: commandLink>. This is the normal behavior. The validation works but once the params are validated continue rendering the view and get the errors, but now you are using null values rendering the view. Solutions: Initialize the beans with valid default values,. Glassfish logsT16: 51: 23. | Grave: Error Rendering View[ / metergauge2. NullPointerException at org. MeterGaugeRenderer. encodeData( MeterGaugeRenderer. Write like this in p: pickList component value attribute: value= " # { bestellungLieferantController. getAllAvailableKomponentDualListModel} ".

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    Exception view null

    Edit just to see try to return something else in this method like this: public e also issue 2215. This will occur when the response is larger than the default response buffer and thus causes a commit of the response. However, when after that point a view or session scoped managed bean needs to. Again, I ran the project and this time the page rendered without tossing errors, and even displayed the information stored in. I' ll be looking more into it to see if I can pinpoint more so what exactly was going wrong and why this solution works. Finally, I figured out the problem. In this discussion it is explained that, if the DefaultSubMenu objects do not have an id, the rendering of the menubar fails. Just assing an id to each DefaultSubMenu object, and you are done. I' ve the following context: a xhtml page, like this one: < html w3. org/ 1999/ xhtml" jcp. org/ jsf/ html" sun. Something you are referencing there is null, and I guess you aren' t expecting it to be. And BTW to the person who suggested initializing this with a new List, I had tried that already and got some error ( I can' t remember what). rendering view return java.

    NullPointerException. < td id= " menulateralup" style= " width: 280px" > < ui: fragment rendered= " true" > < p: growl id= " messages". Filter - Error Rendering View[ / Error.