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NSString * urlPath = [ [ NSBundle mainBundle] ofType NSString * content = [ NSString urlPath encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding error: nil] ; [ webView content baseURL: [ NSURL urlPath] ] ;. On some urls I get a weird 101 error after successfully loading the page ( which replaces the loaded page with the error page). Error loading page domain: " WebKitErrorDomain" errorCode: 101 Description: The URL can' t be shown. I don' t see a mention to the 101 code error in # 9037, also the workaround mentioned there does not solve this issue for me, it only hides the error. I load a webview page and the first page is displayed without problem. but when I click in a link, I have this error page displayed while. [ iOS] [ WebView] Error loading page Domain: WebKitErrorDomain Error Code: 101 # 4337. 加载web view的时候Domain= WebKitErrorDomain Code= 101 “ The operation couldn' t be completed. 原因在于进行url encode的NSString中 含有未转义字符。 未转义字符有很多, 空格、 竖线、 百分号、 中文字等算. Error Domain= WebKitErrorDomain Code= 101 UserInfo= 0xf6e950 " Operation could not be completed. ( WebKitErrorDomain error 101. ) " is there any encoding technique that should be used to encode the URL?

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    Please enlighten me on this! I have this code which also triggers error code 101 _ request = [ NSURLRequest requestWithURL: [ NSURL URLWithString: redirectUrl] ] ; [ editorWebView loadRequest: _ request] ;. RedirectURL is an NSString which has this. We can resolve this problem by using string encoding NSString * encodedString= [ siteUrl. Maybe look at WebKitErrorDomain error 101 for reference. Need to see more of your code though. Can you provide listing? The following code produces and error of: WebKitErrorDomain error 101. code: - ( Void) searchBarSearchButtonClicked: ( UISearchBar * ) activeSearchBar { NSString * query = [ searchBar. text stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:. WebKitErrorDomain error 101 means WebKitErrorCannotShowURL. Check how exactly url retrieved from. If it doesn' t work, provide more code so we could see more exactly where is a problem. share| improve this answer.